I’m Very excited to be working on a powerful new collaborative project in 2019 with two of Nashville’s premier writers and musicians! Four-time Grammy Nominated master jazz guitarist, Denny Jiosa  (www.jiosa.com), and the great fusion bassist and current Head of Belmont School of Music’s Bass Department, Roy Vogt (www.royvogt.com) and I have formed the progressive World Jazz Power Trio, JVM COLLECTIVE.

This unique and highly experimental group is currently in the studio working on a new record to be entitled, “Frontiers”. Scheduled release will be the Summer of 2019.

JVM COLLECTIVE has also been honored to provide The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) with music for their spectacular video series, EARTHOTERIC!! (Season 1: Episode 4  – “Jiosa” – Available on Amazon Prime)

JVM COLLECTIVE has already performed at NAMM with more live dates scheduled in 2019! Stay tuned for more updates on this very cool new project!

I have recently finished another new record with JONAE’, my sixth, aptly entitled, “Mystique”, which has taken over two years to complete! This massive effort by the group has produced yet another new album that truly pushes the boundaries of instrumental music… Fans of the band will really appreciate the almost hypnotic musical journey this record takes them on…

JONAE’ – “Mystique” is now available for download worldwide on:  iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify, and Amazon.

Check out this powerful new record from JONAE’!!

Though I can’t disclose much information on this just yet, I am beyond humbled and excited at the prospect of perhaps collaborating with one of the truly great drummers of our time. Ironically, this individual is also one of the great vocalists in rock and roll and he’s busy right now cementing his place as such! Much is yet to be discussed and worked out with this project, but if called upon, I’ll have more info on this soon. The individuals that are already involved with this new super group are beyond exemplary and some of the most iconic musicians on the planet! I’m blessed in being considered for this opportunity. Stay tuned!!

During Summer of 2017, I had exciting plans to resume my collaboration with Seattle Guitar Great, Brock Graue. He and I had recently begun working on a new very progressive and powerful album project to be entitled “VAULT”. We were hoping to have all of the material for the record in the can by May of that year. Scheduled for release in the fall of 2017, Brock and I were really looking forward to re-uniting and unleashing this material upon the world! We had also hoped to be joined in this exciting new effort by Northwest bassist extraordinaire, Kenyatta Iniko. This power trio indeed had something special, but sadly, our plan was unexpectedly cut short due to the shocking and untimely passing of my great friend and musical partner.

In tribute to Brock Graue, I have posted what were to be the first 5 songs on the VAULT album on the Music/Performance page of this website for all to hear. Brock’s guitar work and vocals are in one word, amazing, and though we didn’t have the opportunity to finish this album, I know he’d want the material to live on. I am humbled and blessed to have worked with this great musician. Rest in Peace Brother. You moved all those who knew and heard you in tremendous ways…