✪ Born in Sweden, my career as a professional drummer and percussionist spans over 25 years. Raised by parents that were both internationally renowned classical musicians, I had little choice but to follow. Thus I began my formal training in Sweden at a very young age. The highly successful careers of both my Mother and Father soon led to my family’s move to the United States where I quickly resumed my musical studies at the age of nine. Though I was primarily raised on Classical Music, as a teenager, I developed a strong interest in progressive jazz fusion, the world of polyrhythmic power drumming, hard rock, and heavy metal.

✪ My Mother is the acclaimed concert pianist, Sylvi Lin, who achieved tremendous international success and fame both as a Concert Pianist and as featured soloist with all of the major symphony orchestras throughout Europe and America. My Father, Knud Möller, was one of Europe’s best known orchestra leaders and later in life was appointed the Music Director for the world famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

✪ Thanks to my very supportive parents, while in high school, I was blessed to be able to attend the Berklee College of Music extended Summer Evaluation Program, held on the school’s campus in downtown Boston. After that incredible experience, it cemented what I ultimately knew all along… I definitively wanted a career in music as a professional drummer and percussionist.

✪ I began my college career studying orchestral percussion attending the University of Cincinnati Music School. While at UC, I studied with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s principal percussionist, Dick Jensen. After a little over a year, I decided it was once again time to return to Boston to Berklee where I spent almost two years studying Jazz Fusion and all aspects of Music Theory, Composition, Arranging, Ear Training, and Orchestration.

✪ Still searching for new musical horizons to explore, I went on to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in Music Engineering Technology and Performance. I also secured minors in Electrical Engineering and Marketing.

While at UM, I was both honored and extremely excited to be chosen as drummer to play and tour with the highly acclaimed University of Miami Fusion Ensemble. I was also blessed to study with true faculty heavy weights at UM such as Fred Wickström (Principal Timpanist of the Florida Symphony and Director of Percussion), Steve Rucker (Drummer / Percussionist with The Tonight Show, the BEE GEESand the Director of Drum Set Studies), Randall Dollahan (Director of Jazz Guitar Studies and Head of the Fusion / Rock Ensemble Performance Program), and Ken Pohlmann (Professor of Music Engineering and Acoustics).  These incredibly talented individuals were all true musical mentors in my life, and like my parents, hugely influential in shaping my career.

✪ While at UM, I also began doing session work at Criteria Recording Studios in North Miami and New River Recording Studios in Ft. Lauderdale. I also began recording demos for Chrysalis Records with the group, VERTIGO, featuring producer / keyboardist virtuoso, Mark Boccaccio.

✪ As an aggressive power player now specializing in the heavy rock, power groove, metal, and fusion realms, my first record deal came rather quickly while still at UM when I was asked to join RCA‘s new and upcoming metal band, ARMED FORCES, as their drummer. Guitarist Tim DeBach, bassist, Al Collins, and myself quickly began writing and rehearsing the material for ARMED FORCES and were soon joined by singer / songwriter, John Oswald, who would later go on to front the band, WARRANT, as Jani LaneARMED FORCES was a fast and furious progressive metal act, though somewhat short lived.

✪ After graduating from UM, I headed west to Los Angeles and soon began playing the clubs of the world famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood with the progressive metal band, MATA HARI. I ultimately continued playing with this band with guitarist, Tim DeBach, power vocalist, Todd Barna, and bassist, Tony Lethal. Through a number of highly successful live shows in LA, MATA HARI immediately gained major label interest and the band quickly began recording demo sessions at both Capitol Records in Hollywood and Yamaha International in Glendale, CA.

✪ Shortly thereafter, I contacted Lucy Forbes Rock Congress, to represent me and began auditioning for other major acts in the world of heavy rock. I was then called to audition for the blistering metal band, WILD DOGS, recently signed to a major label deal with Enigma / Capitol Records. I was immediately asked to join the group as their new drummer, replacing Deen Castronovo (of JOURNEY and BAD ENGLISH fame).

✪ Ironically, at the time I made the decision to accept the WILD DOGS offer, I was simultaneously offered the drumming position with the group, KINGDOM COME, featuring the great vocalist, Lenny Wolf, but ultimately elected to join WILD DOGS as I felt it was a heavier and more musically challenging project at the time. WILD DOGS, based in the Great Northwest, sold well over a half million units worldwide, and to this day continues to enjoy a substantial and loyal fan base globally. I recorded and toured with this very intense and powerful group of musicians for a number of years. This great band featured the highly acclaimed guitarist, Jeff Mark, vocalist, Michael Furlong, and bassist, Rik Bartel.


✪ The original WILD DOGS line-up, featuring vocalist, Matt McCourt and bassist, Danny Kurth, enjoyed huge earlier success as well. Throughout my time with WILD DOGS, I recorded and toured with both line-ups, and to this day, continue to work with all of these great musicians when called upon.

✪ Later with the sudden demise of Enigma Records, I returned to LA and resumed doing session work. I also conducted a series of clinics for Sabian Cymbals as one of their endorsed artists. Additionally, I played a number of live shows and recorded demos for TVT Records with the heavy alternative band, BLACK ATMOSPHERE. Shortly thereafter, I went to Seattle to record the next BLACK ATMOSPHERE record, Redeem, and to begin touring with the band. “Redeem” was a technical, dark and heavy collection of material recorded by a group of exemplary musicians. Very well received in Europe, it was released by Global Inception Records in the US and abroad.

✪ During my time in the Seattle area, I was also introduced to guitar phenom, Brock Graue. Very well known throughout major hard rock circles in California and the Great Northwest, we soon both quickly realized we shared the same musical background and the desire to write, record, and perform heavy progressive music together. As a result, Brock asked me to join him on stage for several live label showcases. He and I recently also met in Nashville to begin working on a powerful new record entitled “VAULT”. The new album is scheduled for release in late 2017!

Craving new adventures in the realm of heavy rock, WILD DOGS guitarist, Jeff Mark, and I created and formed what would ultimately become the group, ZOOMLENZ, also based in the Great Northwest. This heavy, spacey and progressive band has an extremely diverse sound and is comprised of signed and established artists, among them, the great vocalist, Willie Dee Daffern, and progressive studio bassist, Terrence Lee Fletcher. Willie Dee is perhaps best known for his work and multiple records with legendary groups such as Captain Beyond and G-FORCE (featuring the late iconic guitarist, Gary Moore).

ZOOMLENZ began as a studio project conceived by the melding of highly gifted musical minds. I had the pleasure and challenge of writing and recording three records with the group, as well as a host of instrumental material the band was asked to compose suited for Film, Soundtrack, Television, and Extreme Sports. ZOOMLENZ was also asked by DMX MUSIC to record and produce heavy and powerful instrumental material for VANS and the opening of several of their sponsored skate parks around the country. Two new ZOOMLENZ EPs quickly followed… Far off Target and Aperture.

ZOOMLENZ soon signed a deal with the Swedish record label, Record Heaven, and was asked to place a song on a new European compilation record being released in tribute to CAPTAIN BEYOND entitled Thousand Days of Yesterdays. A remake of the cult song, Sweet Dreams was the result, and this compilation achieved much success throughout Europe.  A newly remixed and re-mastered version of “Sweet Dreams” also appears on the 2015 release from the band.  ZOOMLENZ continues to be a driving force in conceptual progressive rock and the latest release from the band is available worldwide on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com or on the group’s website
at: www.zoomlenzmusic.com

✪ I was later hired to do a full US tour with BLACK ’N BLUE (featuring well known front man, Jaime) on the Hollywood Rocks Tour with BULLET BOYS and LA GUNS. This was a hugely successful tour spanning the country and culminating in LA at a VIP packed Viper Room in Hollywood.

✪ After the BLACK ‘N BLUE tour, I started doing session work in Nashville with several very well known artists and producers. I am currently based there.

✪ While in Nashville, I also began working on an interesting new instrumental project with an incredible band of musicians called JONAE. Organic and powerful, the project allows me to return to my roots of playing drums from around the world! These include Cajons, Tombeks, Congas, Djembes, and a host of cymbals and gongs specifically selected for a most unusual and visually stunning World Drum Kit. This amazing collection of instruments also allows me to transcribe full drum set patterns by adding a specially dampened vintage Mondo Bass Drum and double pedals, creating a new technique and percussive art form that I continue to explore to this day.

 To date, I’ve released five records with JONAE’, all under the Midas Well Records label. The group has toured and played numerous packed events, including several sold out shows at the world famous Bluebird Café. All five records from JONAE, (“Into The Blue“, “Wilder Horses“, “Sacred Fire“, “Beautiful“, and “V”) are available on CDBaby, Amazon.com, iTunes or on the group’s website
at: www.jonae.band

✪ JONAE released their highly anticipated 5th record, “V”, in late 2016. The music of JONAE’ can best be described as a hybrid of acid world music and progressive acoustic jazz, organically comprising polyrhythmic drumming, searing melodies, complex acoustic guitar rhythms, and often very diverse instrumentation. JONAE has already been heard on The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Food Network, The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, PBS, FOX Sports, and a host of other various cable networks.

✪ I was also recently asked to complete a particularly dark, intense, and heavy multi-movement musical work composed by Berklee College of Music Alumni and Classical Guitar Virtuoso, Molly Manarchy. This masterpiece was slated for use in a short film created by this truly gifted artist and her Father.

Additionally, an ongoing series of Nashville studio sessions have led to yet another partnership with Songwriter / Producer, Jody Alan Sweet, of JONAE’. This collaboration has resulted in the formation of a new production company called Sweet Sound Designs, specializing in short and often powerful works of music tailored towards the Car Commercial, Soundtrack, and Movie Trailer markets. SSD material has been placed on The History Channel, FOX Sports, and more!

✪ In addition to releasing new records with both ZOOMLENZ and JONAE in 2015 and 2016, I am also recording and performing with one of Nashville’s Top 3 Voted Songwriters, Doc Holladay. This gifted performer continues to gain strong momentum and is a highly successful signed artist and songwriter with Dan Hodges Music (DHM Publishing). My collaboration with Doc Holladay has also led to several live events and recent promotional video shoots with both he and other amazing artists such as Dave Rude of TESLA, signed Swedish Artist / Singer / Songwriter, Chris Lindberg, and guitar / mandolin virtuoso, Ryan Holladay.

✪ In April of 2019, I began working on a new progressive Jazz Fusion record with Nashville heavyweights, guitarist, Denny Jiosa (www.jiosa.com) and bassist, Roy Vogt (www.royvogt.com).  As a result, these two superb players and I have formed a new power trio and are embarking on a highly unusual and diverse musical journey. The new album should be available worldwide in the Fall of 2019!

I utilize a full and extensive arsenal of musical weapons and tools, including custom REMO and TAMA Drum Kits, custom ROLAND V-Drums, SABIAN Cymbals, MEINL Cymbals, DW Hardware and pedals, and the specifically designed World Kit that I play with JONAE.  The unique sound of JONAE’ in part is the result of acquired authentic percussion instruments from around the world!

 My career continues to evolve in the exploration of diverse and unusual pro drumming recording and performance opportunities.